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Getting Saved by Tyler's Van

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PostSubject: Forum Ranks   Forum Ranks EmptySat Nov 08, 2008 9:20 pm

Here are the Ranks for posting. When people get near the top I will add more ranks.

Still in Arizona: 0
Boarding the Plane: 50
Welcome to Forks: 100
Getting the Red Truck: 150
First Sight of Edward :200
Talking to Edward: 250
Getting saved from Tyler's Van: 300
Fainting in Biology: 350
Listening to Jacob's stories: 400
Walking in Port Angeles: 450
Finding out Edward's a Vampire: 500
In Edward's Meadow: 550
Falling in Love: 600
Meeting the rest of the Cullens: 650
Playing Vampire Baseball: 700
Meeting James: 750
Running Away: 800
In the Ballet Studio: 850
In the Hospital: 950
Dancing At Prom: 1000
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Forum Ranks
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